Donation Request: Bryan and Free Software [updated]

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Bryan, a software developer who seems to have made some really cool applications, is requesting some donations. To be specific, he’s asking for just $4000 per month. Why? Well, because he wants to make all of his software free (as in freedom), under the GPL license, while also being able to earn a monthly income from it. Many have said in the past that this is an impossible thing to achieve and this one person even commented on Bryan’s blog, about how “common sense” dictates it’s not possible to earn a living from free software. Well, it doesn’t matter too much what these naysayers say. If (or maybe, ‘When’) Bryan reaches his goal, we’ll be too busy reading the code and making contributions (whether code or otherwise) to pay attention to them.

If you are interested in free software, I highly recommend you donate to Bryan. Some of his software look really neat, like the 2229: The Game, the Illumination Software Creator, and the Lunduke SDK.

Update on 6 June 2012: Bryan made it!

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