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“Growth …” by Edward Abbey

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Weisheit suggested, as Barnett had, a moratorium on population growth in the basin. DeBuys, listening on our boat, quoted the writer Edward Abbey. “Continuous growth,” he said, “is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

– From Razing Arizona.

The context for the above excerpt is that the Colorado River is running out of water quickly and one way to manage the depletion of water would be to reduce dependency. John Weishett is the founder of the Living Rivers nonprofit. Tim Barnett is the lead author of a report that warns of water shortages in the Colorado River.

The nugget I am trying to illustrate here is the one on growth by Edward Abbey. According to Wikiquote, the exact quote by Abbey is:

Growth for the sake of growth is a cancerous madness.

– From “Water”, p. 114