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The wolf who cried boy

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In the homely village of Fullville, far away from the hustle and bustle of the major port city of Crissborn, there lived a group of wolves. These wolves, unlike the wolves you have heard about or have seen, were vegetarian. That’s right, vegetarian. They grew their own fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and corn, and had vegetarian dish 1 for breakfast, vegetarian dish 2 for lunch, and vegetarian dish 3 for dinner. For dessert, they would have fruit salad.

While everyone enjoyed their fruits and vegetables, this little wolf known as Sheila was bored with it. She didn’t feel like it was right to eat vegetables and thought there was more to life. She had heard from her friends about meat and about how it tastes far better than vegetables. Sheila decided to see if the adults knew anything about meat in a tricky way.

She went to a nearby hill and yelled at the loudest of her voice: “there’s a boy coming!” All the adult wolves rushed to the hill and looked around for the boy, only to find Sheila laughing and scowling at the same time. “You adults can never be honest. Why aren’t we eating meat if we are supposed to eat meat? What would all these vegetables help us with?”

“Well, the climate is getting hotter and they said eating less meat would make the world cooler. Anyway, that’s besides the point. You lied to us! That’s bad!”

“I’m sorry, I just heard about meat and wanted to see if what they said about meat being delicious is true.”

“Meat is indeed delicious but no more playing tricks with us. Vegetables are better.”

The next day, Sheila couldn’t resist and went to the hill again and yelled “There’s a boy!” The adults rushed to the hill only to see Sheila laughing again. They were so angry with her that as punishment, she wasn’t given dessert, which wasn’t a problem because she hated the fruit salad anyway.

The next day, Sheila found that no one in the village was speaking to her so she went to the hill to be by herself. This time, she found a boy heading towards Fullville and so she yelled, “there’s a boy coming. I’m serious!” However, the villagers weren’t amused and one of them yelled back “shut up Sheila. We won’t fall for your lies again.” Sheila was confused and the boy looked ever so tempting.

She decided to do what any rational wolf would do and ran towards the boy and ate him up. Meat was indeed delicious, it was unlike anything she had eaten before. She went back to the village, licking her chops. She then noticed everyone staring at her. Someone asked: “Did… just eat meat?”

“Yea, a boy! Boy, was he delicious!”

“You ate a boy and you didn’t tell us? You didn’t think of sharing the boy with us?”

“But I did, you were the ones who thought I was lying.”

Sheila then went back home, with a smug look on her face, while the rest of the wolves were utterly frustrated.

The moral of the story: If you do not want to share a good thing with others, lie enough times that you have it. People will stop believing you and when you do indeed have the good thing and enjoy it by yourself, no one can accuse you of being selfish.


(Note: This was written almost two years ago. I viewed the draft a few weeks ago and also showed it to Branka. She suggested I publish it immediately; I decided to do so after making some very small edits. I wish I knew what state of mind I was in when I originally composed it.)