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Running Trisquel

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I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop and until recently, I was using Linux Mint without any major issues. However, I decided that I should take the next step forward and use a completely free software compatible distribution. I tried Trisquel and found that I lost my wireless Internet access simply because there are no free drivers for the Intel Wireless-1030N card that came with the laptop.

Thankfully though, I was able to purchase a wireless card with free drivers from ThinkPenguin. It arrived in the mail today and it worked immediately as soon as I fixed it. Now, a few hours later, I have finished setting up my Trisquel installation and I am enjoying it. The best part is that I actually find Trisquel more aesthetically pleasing than Linux Mint. So if you are in the same boat as me, I recommend you install Trisquel too; it looks great, it works great, and it respects your freedoms.

Do Copy That Floppy!

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"Free" as in Freedom!

It’s amazing how people challenge things that are often taken for granted. In this instance, it’s copyright. It’s something that I, for a good part of my life, thought just existed; something that is not questionable; something that promotes innovation and all that. Imagine my surprise then when I see websites like QuestionCopyright and people like Nina Paley. Their basic position seems to be that copyright should not exist, that it’s unjust and actually hinders innovation. According to them, I should have the right to copy and share a piece of work, to edit it, to sell it for a cost, all without first requiring permission from the author.

The best part is that these people actually do believe in what they preach. Just look at this post from Nina Paley:

Please don’t ask my permission to re-use my work. YOU ALREADY HAVE PERMISSION. Please copy, share, re-use, redistribute, edit, modify, sell, etc.

I have to admit, this is extremely intriguing to me and I like what I am hearing. I need to read up on their position and figure out what they really are for. In any case, this seems to be a very passionate movement so  I expect them to only grow in numbers in the coming years. Some of these women and men are already about to start a foundation and discussions are taking place on what the name should be (see this). I guess it’ll most likely be called the Free Culture Trust and I can’t wait to see the things they will produce.