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How To Contact Me

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I do not have anything against social networks in general but Facebook’s latest move goes too far. I have deleted my Facebook account and so, anyone you see claiming to be me on Facebook is *not* me. (No one is going to impersonate me, but I’m just saying.)

If any of you want to contact me, here’s what you can do:

  • Leave a comment on this website
  • Send an email to alirazeen [[at]] alirazeen [[dot]] com
  • Send me a message to my account, alir


Richard has left the country!

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I just came back from the airport, after making sure that Richard Stallman can make his way back home without any hassle. This last week has been an absolutely crazy ride, an adventure really. The amount of work that had to be done to organize this trip was insane. A lot of credit goes out to Jeanne Rasata (Richard’s assistant), Martin Henz (my partner-in-crime), Rollen Gomes (my good friend), and everyone from NUS Hackers and all the other volunteers.

Richard’s ideas and thoughts remain very relevant and very important, just as they were almost 30 years ago. I am glad that he came down to Singapore and I am glad that others could listen to him, even if they didn’t all agree with Richard. There are a lot of thoughts floating in my head about his time here and I will take some time over the next few weeks to journal them.

Finally, I’d just like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Richard. I hope he lives for a long time.

Richard Stallman in Singapore!

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The past few months, I’ve been busy organizing this event and it’s almost here! Richard Stallman is coming to Singapore to give two talks. See for details. It’s happening next week and if you are in Singapore, please come down.

I did not accomplish this alone; I had a lot of support and help organizing this event from Professor Martin Henz, and my friend Rollen. The NUS Hackers club also gave a lot of help, in advertising these talks across the campus and to the general public, and in dealing with some administrative issues. Cedric, the president of the club, did a fantastic job with the posters. When the talks are over, Rollen will update the website to include the names of everyone who helped.

I’ll write a longer post when this is over.