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A Reboot

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I found myself unable to login to WordPress earlier and found my server configuration in a somewhat messed up state. It’s really a function of me using all these automated installer and configuration scripts to save time. Configuring and setting up things are fun but they aren’t as fun as writing articles and creating content.

But in any case, I decided I should start off from a clean slate. I backed up everything that was important, and re-installed WordPress. I think I finished up the initial appearance of this site but I have to import all my old blog posts. They are in the database used by the previous version of this site and I have to do some manual work in importing them correctly. They should all be back up in 24 hours. After that, I can get back to writing.

I’ll make another post once I’m done.

Idea: Personal Web Archiver

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For the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about the bookmarks I keep. Each day, when I surf the Internet, I come across various articles, forum discussions or blog posts. If I find them particularly interesting, I bookmark them so as to not forget their existence. I like going back to these interesting links to re-read them or to share them with someone else. Here are some examples of pages I found interesting:

The problem is, I have no idea if these pages will exist in the future. Plenty of things could happen to invalidate my bookmarks. For example, the URL to the pages could change. Or perhaps the authors might bring down the pages. Whatever it is, my bookmarks could become worthless and the content might be lost…perhaps forever if no one has a copy of it somewhere.

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The End of an Unscheduled Hiatus

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When I started this website, I did so with the intention of making regular updates like you see in other blogs. But as it turns out, I was very occupied with my final semester in NUS and besides, I did not have anything worthy to post about. However, my semester has ended, I am done with my final exams and hopefully, updates would be a bit more regular now. So with that, I declare this day as the end of the hiatus (hopefully).

Also, to make this occasion a tad more interesting, I added a link to Richard Stallman’s web site to the blogroll (located right at the bottom of this page).