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The Plot Thickens… and evaporates! [updated]

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Here’s a new twist to the Nokia/Windows Phone 7 saga: Nokia Plan B! Here are some interesting nuggets from the plan (click on the link for the full plan):

If you elect us to a majority in the Nokia Board of Directors we will take the following concrete actions:

Immediate discharge of Stephen Elop from his duties as President and CEO of the company. Appointment of a new CEO with an international mobile industry background. The new CEO will be committed to carry on the rest of the actions listed below.

Restructure alliance with Microsoft as a tactical exercise focused primarily at the North American market. Release one or two Windows Phone devices under a Nokia sub-brand. Only if carrier acceptance, sales volumes and profit margins are satisfactory, consider releasing more WP devices and make them available in Europe. Windows Phone will not be the primary development platform for Nokia. The Nokia phones with Windows Phone operating system will simply take advantage of the existing developer tools and application ecosystem already put in place by Microsoft.

MeeGo will be Nokia™’s primary smartphone platform. This is where the bulk of the innovation will happen. If MeeGo does not bring great devices to market at an accelerated pace, this strategy will not work. MeeGo smartphones and tablet devices will offer overwhelmingly superior experiences and applications than iOS and Android based competitor products. To reduce time to market, all MeeGo R&D will be done in-house and in a single geographical location. If necessary, suspend cooperation with Intel and concentrate resources on innovation and releasing new Nokia MeeGo devices to market faster.

Aggressively recruit young software talent from top universities. Nokia Recruiting to actively visit top universities worldwide to screen and and invite top students for interviews in Nokia R&D locations. Establish a credible and rewarding technical career progression path in Nokia (to avoid the best talent leaving the company or becoming management overhead). Offer internationally competitive salaries to new talent (if necessary, significantly above local market salaries). Establish Nokia as a company where the best and the brightest want to work.

I like this plan. Reduce the focus on Windows Phone 7, keep MeeGo as a first-class citizen and attract new talent. Hey Plan B guys, this plan looks good. I hope Nokia can succeed without having to rely on Windows Phone 7. If they keep up their effort on MeeGo, it could be a winner in the long term. I see little real reason to go the Microsoft way.

I like Nokia as a company. I have always been a Nokia user until I got my current iPhone. I was going to get rid of the iPhone later this year and go back to Nokia but the Microsoft news had me rethinking. If Plan B works, I’ll be back on the Nokia camp. I might even try for a job at Nokia at some point since they have done a lot of innovation for the mobile field. It’ll be fun to work there.


It turns out it was all a hoax. Ouch!

Nokia and Windows Phone 7

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Well, it’s official: Nokia is going to use the Windows Phone 7 OS on its upcoming phones. I find this a very interesting move and I never thought I’d see the day Nokia would use the Windows Mobile platform for its phones. Maybe this was to be expected given that the current CEO, Stephen Elop, was previously from Microsoft.

I do hope that Nokia continues its support for open-source software though, especially QT. It’ll be a shame if the community had to fork QT like LibreOffice. It’s an unlikely situation but these days, anything can happen apparently

More Thoughts (Edit #1):

After making this post, I saw the news on Slashdot. Oscaro (153645) made this comment:

Subject: Not very reassuring slides

“Qt will continue to be the development framework for Symbian and Nokia will use Symbian for further devices”

Yes, but they also say this:



After looking at these slides, I can’t help but recall this image from Penny Arcade when IGN and Gamespy merged:

No one can predict the future but I hope Nokia does well and that their contribution to the Open Source community does not falter.